Facebook Celebrates Birthday With ‘Friends Day’ Video – 2020

Social networking website Facebook turns 15th today. And it has decided to celebrate it by creating “Friends Day” videos for all of its 1.86 billion users.The videos started appearing on users news feeds recently, with a dancing figure made up of tiny pictures of your friends. The video is a compilation of your Facebook friends and the memories you have shared with them and it is posted from users’ timelines and then available for people to ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Share’ – just like any other Facebook post.

If you log on Facebook today, you will find your Friends Day video on the top of your news feed. The videos show a dancing figure made up of tiny pictures of the user’s friends. You can also click on ‘Watch Yours’ when you are watching another friend’s Friends Day video.

Users can also edit the video and choose which photos and friends are featuring in it – sparing you the nightmare of sharing memories you don’t want to.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg first introduced the idea of a “Friends Day” on 4 February 2015 – the eleventh anniversary of Facebook’s founding.

A year later, on 4 February 2016, Facebook created personalised videos for all its users by stitching together photos they had shared on Facebook.

He also posted a message on his facebook page asking users to reach out to someone no matter where they are and tell them how much they mean to them.

Facebook’s celebration of Friend’s Day is extended to its Messenger app, which is now featuring highlighted friendship-themed GIFs.

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